In order in to keep tuition costs low, DACP offers fundraising to supplement our income.
The 2013-2014 school year fundraisers are:

Sept 2013: Tote Bag/Tshirt Sales – Orientation
Oct 2013: Dessert Auction at Potluck
Nov 2013: Garden Fresh Salsa
Jan 2014: Superbowl Football Squares
April 2014: Silent Auction – Friday, April 25

Fundraising at DACP is mandatory for each family. We do offer a “buy-out” option to everyone that does not wish to participate in the actual fundraising. You can simply write a check to “DACP” and be done with it!

Buy-outs are as follows:
P/T = $100
AM = $125
PM = $150

Year Round Savings for Your Family and the School

Opportunities for DACP to generate a much needed source of funds and you can help without spending any Ònew moneyÓ in your monthly budget. Shop Safer, Smarter and Simpler!

MelaleucaOffers a wide assortment of eco-friendly common household consumables at great savings – products that you most likely already use on a daily basis (soaps, laundry detergent, toothpaste, shampoo, vitamins, cleaning products, etc). Every new customer receives $100 in free products and a portion of every purchase is donated to DACP. Products are shipped directly to your home monthly. If interested in learning more about the fundraiser, Melaleuca’s products, and enrolling as a customer, email Green Team at:

GoodsearchOffers a suite of services which allow its users to support DACP through simple everyday actions including searching the web search, shopping online, dining at participating restaurants, taking surveys, and playing online games. Create an account and choose DACP as the beneficiary, then start searching and earning DACP funds…Today! DACP on GoodSearch

GoodshopOffers the best store coupons, coupon codes, discounts, deals and promo codes. Create an account and choose DACP as the beneficiary, then start saving and earning DACP funds…Today! Start by choosing DACP on GoodSearch, then start at anytime you’re planning to make an online purchase. You can still purchase from many (even most!) of your favorite online retailers, but a portion of your purchase goes to DACP.

We greatly appreciate those who have joined us in these year round fundraisers…it continues to grow and is turning into a great success! Thank you.